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Impulse Orlando plans and produces fun, relevent & high-impact awareness events regularly throughout the year.

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Local Resources

Impulse Orlando has partnered with local health resources to ensure education, testing, and support is always nearby.

Impulse Partners

Free Condoms

Through our Condoms in the Community initiative, Impulse Group Orlando provides free condoms for preventative use – just grab and go!

Participating Venues

What is Impulse Group Orlando?

Impulse Group is an international organization on a mission to empower our generation by promoting education and awareness. With the support of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), we have been given an unprecedented platform to help accomplish our goals. Since chapter foundation in November 2014, Impulse Orlando has created strong partnerships with many local health resources, and has raised awareness with each of it's high-impact engagement events geared to the 18-30 MSM demographic throughout Orlando.

Why we do it

Florida ranks second in the nation among new HIV cases, and third when it comes to new AIDS cases. 1 in 4 new cases of HIV are among those ages 13-24. Orange County is third in the state in the number of HIV and AIDS cases. That is why we do it. Impulse Orlando is dedicated to empowering individuals to take charge of their sexual health in an effort to reduce these numbers.

Meet the Orlando Team

Our team of hard-working and selfless individuals each donate their time and skills to further the Impulse Group mission.


David Rodriguez


Mike Van Dyke

Vice President

Dareile Brown

Advocacy Director

Thomas Dinardo

Operations Director

Matt Cameron

Marketing Director

- Say Hi! if you see them out! -


While talking about your sex practives and HIV status in the heat of the moment may seem like a boner killer, it is important to take a couple of minutes and discuss with your partner(s) about your sex practices, as well as theirs. Remember, HIV and other STI's can take weeks to produce visible symptoms, or even enough antibodies to produce a positive test result (HIV can take up to 4-6 weeks from exposure to test positive on a rapid test). However you protect yourself, is up to you, but it all starts with an open dialogue before it goes down.


We know that Orlando has the best gay nightlife in Central Florida, so when the night is over, grab a couple condoms on the way out. They are absolutely FREE and available at the following gay hotspots:

Condom Icon

Southern Nights Orlando

  • 4 dispensers throughout venue
Condom Icon

Savoy Orlando

  • Impulse dispenser located just inside the main entrance
Condom Icon

The Club Orlando

  • Impulse dispenser located just inside the main entrance
Condom Icon

Southern Nights Tampa

  • 4 dispensers throughout venue


1 Pill a day can prevent HIV. Want more information about Truvada® as PrEP? Download our PrEP Facts Brochure (PDF)

Don't know where to get PrEP? Visit

Need an easy way to #starttheconvo with your doctor? Download & print our Health Care Provider Letter (PDF)

¿Habla Español? Descarga de PDF ¿Cómo conseguir PrEP?


To ensure you, and other Orlando boys play safe, we've partnered with local health resources that are equipped to handle your sexual health. We've got you covered. From testing for HIV and STD's to mental health education and counseling, our partners below can help.

AHF Healthcare Center

1701 N Mills Ave
Orlando, Fl 32803


  • Health Clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Case Management
  • PrEP provider

The LGBT+ Center Orlando

946 N Mills Ave
Orlando, FL 32803


  • Health Education
  • Social Groups
  • Support Groups
  • PrEP/PEP referrals

Hope and Help Center

707 Mendham Blvd. Suite 104
Orlando, Fl 32825


  • Health Education
  • Support Groups
  • Food Pantry
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Case Management
  • Health Clinic
  • HIV/STD Prevention and Treatment
  • PrEP/PEP provider

Miracle of Love

741 W Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL 32804


  • FREE HIV Testing
  • Health Education
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Case Management
  • PrEP/PEP Referrals
  • STI Screenings - Friday 9-12 and 1-4 only

Bliss Healthcare

2901 Curry Ford Rd.
Orlando, FL 32806


  • Specialized Primary Care
  • PrEP/PEP resources
  • Pharmacy
  • HIV/STD Prevention and Treatment
  • Transgender Resources

Orlando Immunology Center

1707 N Mills Ave
Orlando, FL 32803


  • Specialized Primary Care
  • HIV/STD Prevention and Treatment
  • Research Study Facility

UCF Wellness & Health Promotion Services

UCF Main Campus
Orlando, FL


  • HIV Testing and Counseling
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Health Education
  • Quit Smoking Now Smoking Cessation Program

Two Spirit Health

801 N Magnolia Ave, Suite 402
Orlando, FL 32803


  • Primary Care
  • HIV testing
  • HIV/STD Prevention and Treatment
  • PrEP/PEP Resources
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Transgender Resources

Upcoming Events

Impulse x Orlando Pride

Watch out for our boys around Lake Eola, and on the Impulse float in the parade! More details to come!

Impulse x Ember

Join us at Ember for a Sunday Funday: PRIDE Edition - We'll have models, photo ops & champagne pong! More details to come!



Free Condoms




Hours Donated


Join Impulse Orlando

Like having fun while making a difference? Volunteer with Impulse Orlando to make an impact in your community alongside a group of like-minded individuals!


Our local and global LGBTQ+ community was changed forever on June 12th, 2016. We thank Pulse Orlando as they were the first venue to kickoff our Condoms in the Community initiative. We will forever be #OnePulse


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